Dargai Heights final charge

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Dargai Heights final charge

Postby ARippin » 19 Aug 2016 10:50

Sorry... I originally posted this under a thread started by Mark back in 2011 requesting info on the Tirah campaign and not sure if I should have started a new one!!

Hi Mark

I have only recently joined the forum and really enjoyed this thread.

I suspect I'm a few years too late as I see your research has been concluded and your book is about to be published.
Any idea when it will be available to purchase?.... I keep checking on Amazon and it just says 'unavailable'.

Rumour had it when I was a child that my Great Grandfather (who abandoned his family a year or so after returning to England from India) had been involved in a battle in India many years before! Very vague and little to go on. From a newspaper cutting I understood he had been in the Leicestershire Regt only to find out some time later it was actually the 'Derbys' (2nd Derbyshire Regt to be more accurate).
After years of piecing together the life of my errant G Grandfather through stories of his children and grandchildren (not easy considering he was a taboo subject to some), I eventually worked out he had been on the Tirah Campaign.
Then the joy of finding a brief mention of him in the book written by Captain Slessor in which he places him in the final charge on the Dargai heights.
I understand the Gordon Highlanders quite rightly have the honour of taking the Dargai Heights but I was quite interested to read Captain Slessor's account in which he describes an "indiscriminate crowd of Gordons, Derbys, Dorsets, Sikhs, and Gurkhas were rushing pell-mell across the open. The day was won".
I wondered whether your research threw up anything in this respect (whether it made the final draft of the book or not).

I wish I had found this forum some years ago, sadly I was unable to pass on my own research of his exploits to any of his children or grandchildren as they have all passed away.

I look forward to hearing yours and others thoughts on this.

Kind regards.
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Re: Dargai Heights final charge

Postby gordon92 » 19 Aug 2016 20:36

Aligned with the subject of Dargai Heights, I have posted the image below of the Drums and Pipes of the 11th Battalion Gordon Highlanders taken in 1916 at Bridge of Allan. Seated at the end of the first row (facing) with the mustache is Sergeant Piper (Pipe Major) George Findlater who won his VC at Dargai Heights 19 years before. Findlater re-enlisted for WW1 serving a year in France and invalided home in Dec 1915 after which he joined the 11th Batt that was a training unit.

Hope this may be of interest.

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Re: Dargai Heights final charge

Postby ARippin » 19 Aug 2016 22:33

Thanks Gordon92, great photo.

I understand Piper Findlater became quite a celebrity following his exploits at Dargai and being awarded his VC (which didn't go down well with the army) and he also toured the USA and Canada.

Strange to think my Great Grandfather (albeit a 'Derby') would have heard him playing his bagpipes as he dodged the bullets!
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