Devnya monument

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Devnya monument

Postby Uncle Bulgaria » 31 Jan 2017 21:50

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Re: Devnya monument

Postby Mark A. Reid » 31 Jan 2017 22:59

Most interesting, and many thanks for providing the link.

I can fully understand why local Bulgarians would be, at best, puzzled and, at worst, insulted that a memorial to the ally of their former " oppressors " would be unveiled, particularly to the exclusion of a memorial to Bulgarians who died. There is no mention made of exactly who underwrote the cost of the monument but I strongly suspect that it came from UK sources. Nothing to stop a fund-raising campaign to finance another monument but I suspect that local concerns lie more with issues effecting rhe living. Perhaps it is best to simply regard this as a memorial to those who die serving their country while far from their homes, an experience shared by most countries today.


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