Guidelines for posting of Photographs & Maps

Section for posting period and modern photographs and maps of the Victorian battlefield.

Guidelines for posting of Photographs & Maps

Postby Mark » 06 May 2008 19:14

This section of the forum is intended for members to post photographs of the Victorian battlefields either from the period or taken more recently. It is also intended that this section will contain military maps of the battlefields showing the dispositions/movements of the British and enemy forces. It is hoped this will be both visually interesting and to aid the understanding of how the battle unfolded for members.

Please feel free to post any photographs and maps in your possession within this section. However please remember to:

1) Ensure the images are not subject to copyright and if they are seek permission from the owner first!
2) State the name of the battlefield in your post and the campaign in which it was fought
3) Where possible state the year or approx year the photograph or image was taken or drawn
4) Acknowledge the source if it is not your own image
5) Feel free to add any further information you feel might be of interest to members

Should you have ‘then and now’ images of a battlefield please do post them together for members to compare. It is amazing how things not only change but also stay the same over the passage of time!

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