armourer Sgt Roberts 40th foot

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armourer Sgt Roberts 40th foot

Postby devils own » 20 Sep 2017 14:37

Good Afternoon

Could anybody tell me if their was a Armourer sgt Roberts in the 40th foot in the 1860S

kind regards

devils own
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Re: armourer Sgt Roberts 40th foot

Postby Peter » 21 Sep 2017 06:05


A George Roberts attested to the Corps of Armourers: 6th March, 1862.

Posted to 40th Foot: 30th May 1863 – 24th March, 1877.

Discharged … as Staff Armourer Sergeant: 28th June, 1886. (Promoted: 1st April, 1883).

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