The Army Moustache II 1854

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The Army Moustache II 1854

Postby jf42 » 25 Jun 2017 11:18

Further to our previous discussions, and references in particular to the adjustment of regulations in 1854, I thought those who followed the threads listed below might be interested to see the following:

" Horse Guards Circular Memorandum 21st July 1854

A large part of the Army being employed in Turkey, where it had been found beneficial to keep the upper lip unshaven and allow the moustache to grow, the General Commanding-in-Chief is pleased to authorize that practice in the army in general, subject to the following regulations, which are to be strictly obeyed in Home and Colonial service.

A clear space of two inches must be left between the corner of the mouth and the whisker- when whiskers are grown. The chin, the under lip and at least two inches of the upper part of the throat must be clean shaven, so that no hair can be seen above the stock in that place.

The wearing of the moustache is to be optional with all ranks.

The troops serving in the East will be allowed further latitude, in respect of shaving their beards and whiskers, as the General officer Commanding that Army may deem it expedient to sanction during the continuance of that service.

By command

Geo. Cathcart A.G. "

JSAHR, Vol XVIII, Autumn 1939, No.71
Photography in the Crimea (VI), Capt H. Oakes Jones

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