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Royal Patronage

Postby jf42 » 22 Jun 2017 22:09

This may be an obvious question, and perhaps to some degree relates more to the 18th than the 19th century, but I have been wondering for some time if there was any subtle difference in status between regiments granted the title 'King's,' 'King's Own,' and common or garden 'Royal,' and likewise for 'Queen's' and 'Queen's Own.' It does seem odd that there were two Hussar regiments claiming to be the 'Queen's Own,' although, of course, these were different Queens.

I assume there is some sort of hierarchy, with regiments having titles taken from Royal princes and named princesses in a different category, and with 'Prince of Wales' and 'Prince of Wales', Royal' in a category of their own, (before we reflect on which Prince of Wales).

I realise that these titles did not affect a given regiment's seniority in the Line, but was there a different compliment implied in the differing titles?
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