Battle of Laings Nek

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Battle of Laings Nek

Postby devils own » 13 Jul 2017 15:51

When was the Battle of laings nek because the clasp says 2 June 1900, but all I can find on the battle was 13th May
Skirmish, Laingsnek, Natal.

Confused to say the least.

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Re: Battle of Laings Nek

Postby RobD » 13 Jul 2017 19:00

Hi Paul

After the relief of Ladysmith, Buller and the Natal Field Force did extensive mopping up in northern Natal. Laings Nek is a pass between Natal and the Transvaal, and the actions were in this region.
You can read about this in Packenham's excellent book on the Boer War, available from abebooks for as little as £2.75 inc P&P.
The "LAING'S NEK" clasp was awarded to all troops of the Natal Field Force employed in the operations at Laing's Nek Pass, north of an east-west line drawn through Newcastle, Natal, between 2 and 9 June 1900 inclusive.

Not to be confused with the famous battle at Laing's Nek in 1881.

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