Zulu dawn

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Zulu dawn

Postby brigantii » 26 Aug 2015 01:11

For many years now I have read with great interest anything written about the Zulu Wars, yet it only seems that a recent event, for me, is the solar eclipse, at Isandlwana. In early accounts by authors, Knight, Castle and Snook, I appear to have missed this fact. I must again say that this fact is new to me, and would would be please if anyone could enlighten me to when this Solar phenomenon was first mentioned in Zulu war literature
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Re: Zulu dawn

Postby bill wright » 01 Sep 2015 23:14

Good question. The Zulu War is not my specific area of study so I cannot say what British letters or documents mention it, but as you use the word, "literature", I can say that the eclipse, as it was noticed by the Zulus, was related shortly after the war by some of them to the traveller, Bertram Mitford, and included in his "Through The Zulu Country: Its Battlefields And People" published in 1883.
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